• 2017 SURVEY


    • We'd really appreciate you taking the time to fill in the following survey
      to help us continually improve your clubbing experience at Gianpula.
      All clubbers that fill in the form will be in the chance to
      win a membership that entitles them access to all club-nights next Summer 2018!!

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        Which is your favourite club at Gianpula Village?
        Which Djs do you want to see perform at Gianpula village in 2018?
        Which Local DJS?
        Which Foreign DJS?
        Why do you visit Gianpula Village on the weekends?
        Have you eaten at our Fast food outlet?
        If Yes, Rate It
         Terrible     Fair     Average     Good     Delicious   
        Would you like to see any other types of cuisine in the outlet?
        If Yes, Please Specify
        Did you visit the Glitch Festival this year?
        If Yes, Rate It
         Terrible     Fair     Average     Good     Superb   
        Do you want more festivals at Gianpula Fields?
        Do you prefer Penthouse or Rooftop for Sundays?
        Have you heard about the Clubhouse and the Vault which are 2 corporate venues at Gianpula Village?
        What changes would you like to see in 2018?